Sunday, August 11, 2013

don't let me forget...

here it is. I'm telling the world - well, i might not be telling anybody actually - but, it's out in the world for someone to read... and you have to promise to hold me to this.

I'm going to write a book.

there. i said it.

so far this summer things have just been brought to life for me - i've been renewed and made alive again. I MUST share this new life that i have. I MUST stop living like the old me, i've been redeemed and made new! why waste time boo-hoo-ing over what i use to be and holding myself back because i "shouldn't" be able to do something.

I CAN! and I WILL!

because God is on my side and i don't care if all my circumstances say i shouldn't be able to do it. God is my rock and my redeemer and I WILL NEVER BE SHAKEN.

so, to life - and all that it has to throw at me while i'm pressing on towards truth and life...