Thursday, January 2, 2014


i feel kinda dumb writing a re:cap of 2013 - beacuse EVERYONE is probably doing it. but, in an effort to keep track of stroies that happen - here's a list of things that happened in 2013 that i can remember.

- new years eve 2013 - kicked off with hanging out in yakima and lighting dan and calynn's christmas tree on fire - watching scott and tre dance to gangam style.

- went and saw building 429 and newsboys - AWESOME

- went and saw the rockin worship roadshow with the middle schoolers.

- had out first LCaT retreat, finishing off year 1 of middle school leadership

- i went to alaska for the first time and hung out with matt and kellie and ty and heidi and sherri - we went kayaking and i wrecked a 4 wheeler into a tree.

- went to summer camp with all the kids - ran the ropes course for high school week -

-went to Creation fest -

- went on the middle school adventure trip to twin lakes, or - it was quite an adventure

- went BACK to alaska with mel, scott, and jonie to visit again - more kayaking and hanging out together. it was a SWELL time.

- went and saw Winter Jam with the kids

- did an awesome christmas eve service -

- went back to yakima for new years again.

and that's all i got so far - see, i need to work on doing stories better this year. :)