Friday, January 4, 2013

take that 2013

Well - this year i'm determined to get into shape.... being healthy and active and able to do any task at any time (hiking, rappeling, climbing, running) those are not only essential to the dream job i have - but also essential in case zombies attack (haha)

So - this year, i stop being lazy and out of shape and kick my butt into gear. Yeah, i had that idea last year, and the year before... and i sometimes started out okay - but i noramlly just found myself looking up various workouts and healthy recipes online. Well - last night i found one of those "workout for each day of the week" things and wrote them down in a new journal i got for christmas... then i wrote down the military diet (which i'll be doing thurs,fri,sat) and another workout i found today... and as i was sitting there looking up the last few exercises that i didn't know i decided to get up and go work out...

so, i found some socks (which was harder than it should be - my bedroom has become the staging area for everything that noramlly lives in our living room since we're painting it) worked my way back across the obstacle course that is my bedroom, grabbed my workout list, my phone and headed to the garage.

i didn't make excuses cause it was cold
i didn't make excuses about there not being space (which, there really wasn't)
and i didn't make excuses about not having the right equipment

i used a pile of logs to do tricep dips (which left my hands a little sappy)
i used a garden bench to do incline pushups
i used a deck chair cushion as a workout mat
and i used out work bench to help me do situps (to hold my feet)

tomorrow i'll be using a log to do russian twists and probably a brick to do calf raises :)

being creative can be fun sometimes :)

take that 2013. I'm not being lazy!

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