Thursday, June 20, 2013

roadtrip conversations

some friends from my past life came out to visit on their tour of the country road trip... it was super fun to catch up with them (cause i havn't seen them since highschool - and they were 4 yrs younger than me). They're all grown up and graduated from college now and about to start real jobs - it's so crazy.

But even through all the change - somethings have stayed the same.

We spend many hours sitting around and talking about life, experiences, relationships, God, and beer. It was fun. But the main thread that ran through it all was a reminder that it's not about trying to outdo one another with the places you've been or the things you've got to see - it's about letting the journey change and transform you into a better - stronger - deeper - more loving - more understanding person.

it was refreshing to talk to other people (close to my own age) that have a desire for relationships and experiences that are real and authentic - rather than just trying to posture yourself to be better than others... or check things off a list.

The difference was subtle - but the conversations were rich and moving.

A friendly reminder to enjoy the journey, soak in life, drink deeply of the world around you - and let it change you. Feel it, sit in it, learn from it - don't try to control it.

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