Thursday, October 25, 2012

secret notes

I was up wandering around the classrooms yesterday morning - cleaning things up, making sure the rooms were in order - when i remembered that i had seen one of the upper elementary students typing something on the computer on sunday night... my curiosity of course came to life and i went and tried to find where they had saved the document to... and boy did i find it!

I found one that was just one sentence... (this isn't word for word - but... it basically said)
"the purpose of revolution kids is to draw us closer to God."


okay - so something else you should know, this was the student that is ALWAYS getting in trouble for not paying attention, purposefully doing stuff to get attention at bad times, and having meltdowns because she's not getting to have her way.

apparently - she's still learning - despite my view that she never pays attention...

then i found a second document...

I wish i could write exactly what she wrote - but, there's an issue with the internet at church - and the document is currently stuck on that computer... but once i can get it - i'll post it word for word... but it was the coolest little thing to read.

She basically said how revolution kids was the best - and that we played the coolest games, have the coolest leaders, and talked through the night - just like she might tell one of her friends... and then at the end she talked about how it may seem like we're just another "thing" to come to - but that the ultimate purpose of the fun and games is to build relationships and draw students closer to God.

It was such a blessing to find this small little note... I have a new appreciation for this little girls heart - and for her secretly paying attention. oh the many ways that my students amaze me.

that's charlotte - the girl who wrote the note - winning cheese head a few weeks ago! 

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