Sunday, October 21, 2012

The other day i was listening to some music that my friend scott wrote. His music has this way of making sense of whats  going on inside my heart.  Well - there is this one song - that i REALLY like and i've been tempted to turn it into a tattoo.... i haven't done it yet. But, while i was at work one day i did sit down and try and break my creative block by making this...

the chorus of the song goes "maybe cold rain will come and fall on my face, maybe bright and warm sun will come and shine on my face. Either way, either way i'm all in. And maybe one day my life will work out my way, or maybe i'm running up hill to find out i'm destined for tradgedy. Either way, either way I'm all in."

It's such an amazing song - there's so much more truth wrapped up into it. But, it definietly sums up my life and how i feel about it. No matter what happens - I'm all in. I'm going to live my life for the Glory of God - whatever comes my way. That is one of the deepest desires of my heart, and yet, there are times when i forget that truth and become lazy.

So maybe i will get a tattoo - so this truth is always in front of me.

"seasons come to make us bolder - and we'll wear their wisdom like a crown"

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