Thursday, October 25, 2012

Self-Care and coffee shops

I just had a little revelation.

I miss spending hours in a coffee shop.

Don't just count me crazy yet...  hear me out.

I miss the relationships... i miss the people... i miss the coffee... i miss the freedom for my mind to wander... i miss the authenticity of the people you meet... i miss the randomness... i miss the conversations... i miss the joy of seeing people you haven't seen in a while... i miss the way my heart feels after spending time with the Lord and with others with a cup of coffee.

yeah, ok - i might be crazy.

The internet is down at work - and thursday is usually my media day. I spent part of the morning attempting to set up for our halloween party this weekend - but kept telling myself i shouldn't do all that work by myself - cause i have a team of leaders that are planning on helping set up on saturday and we need something to do. So, instead, i walked across the street with my backpack and set myself up at a table at the coffee shop next door. I've been here for about 2 hours now. And i feel like i've been WAY more productive than if i had been at the office - even though i haven't done any of the work i actually need to do yet.

I've blogged. I've been encouraged. I've learned. I let my mind wander through the truth's of scripture. I've been able to relax and be me again.

It fills my heart with joy - and also a little bit of mourning.

I haven't spent time in a coffee shop since i left Gresham.

I miss Cafe D.
I miss knowing the barista's.
I miss heidi making my coffee and writing notes on my cups.
I miss sitting at a table with friends working on our computers.
I miss the breaks from work when friends came in.
I miss the atmosphere.
I miss my family.
I miss the passion and purpose i had back then.
I miss it all. I just do.

As i'm sitting here - knowing that spending time at a coffee shop is helping make my soul alive again - i was reminded of a list of self-care ideas that mel gave me. I've always had a problem with self-care... the things that the books talked about and counselors said, they all just seemed weird... and never really seemed like they'd help... I spend lots of time at cafe D talking to mel about that. Not long ago, she sent me a list of self care ideas. Just for me.  They truly are - just for me... cause your all going to think i'm crazy when you read them... but they really are the things that give my heart rest - and allow me to breath again.

1. text mel
2. get a coconut american with whip cream
3. think of 3 people i love and something that reminds me of them, take a picture and send it to them
4. go on a hike where i will get wet - either from ran, a water fall, or some random body of what that you accidentally fall into.
5. attempt to do a cartwheel
6. find some wood, nails, and paint and create something that only you could think of.
7. insert ear buds and listen to scott
8. pick out an old t shirt and tiedye it - and commit to wearing it the next day no matter what it looks like.
9. stand on a street corner randomly looking up at something invisible and see how many people ither join you - or point and stare.
10. yell whats wrong at a bird as it flies by -then talk to jesus about it.
11. do something slightly dangerous that you'll probably get a minor injury from.

Yeah, i'm strange... but - she knows me... well - and the more i think about it - the more i know she's right about every single one of those :) of course, i need to add sitting at a coffee shop now...

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